The Circus Had Moved On

Once upon a time there was a child born. It came in time, and not always due to any particular circumstances, when the lesson learned was; sometimes bad things happen to good people.

The child seemed happy , the experiences grew and teen years seemed a little tipsy at times. Holding onto the balance act really was a juggler’s delight. Packing with a suitcase full of hurtful words, hidden feelings, doubt and misplacement, the teen carried them into the future.

More hurt, more agony, new lessons learned, suddenly took this person and built a slow and very tough metal shield around the soul. It was attached to the outer body like a glue and the only way to release its hold was through the act of release.

As a tight rope walker walks his steps, maybe he says to himself as his legs begin to tremor, release, release, release, move one leg in front of the other. Slowly, with steady gait, the performance has been complete. The actor smiles inside with pride.

The child, teen, the adult made a quick decision to protect himself. The armour became thicker as each imaginary battle was over-taken. To others, there was no awareness of the turmoil for many years, until one day it spews out of the soul and people stop in wonder.

Words become hushed and questions are secretly asked. Many come with prayer and hope that one, small word will be the one to break the shell and watch it come crashing to the floor. Visions of; shouts of joy as another soul is saved from a devastating life, were built on hope.

But alas, it never happened. It was like watching the lions and tigers walk in circles. Loud roars are heard as the whip cracks near them; the trainer waiting for his hard work to be paid in full.

One day the light shone so bright the person was able to see. Floods of memories came washing over the body. Words of sorrow were spoken, tears shook the body. When the body was drained of all emotion, eyes looked around, but sadly no one stood anywhere within reach. Stacks of papers laid neat in a pile spoke of death after death. Falling to the floor, looking to the heavens, pleading for release of the shield; it happened; but no one noticed. The circus had moved on.