crying 2Life can change

Faces become blurred

Plans become altered

You just never know.


Don’t count your chickens

Tomorrow may not come

Hills and valleys

You just never know.


Smiles become frowns

Laughter becomes distant

Hope can become lost

You just never know.


Love will always be

Tears will dry

Heart may break

You just never know.


Live in the moment

See the person beside you

Don’t count on tomorrow

You just never know.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Dentist and Prayers

I know the words, I know right from wrong; but yet I am afraid. I know it is petty; but to me it is petrifying. I know God answers prayers, especially in numbers. So please pray for me tomorrow morning as I get my upper teeth pulled. My request is for me to remain calm, my blood pressure not to soar, and of course for the dentist to do this procedure smoothly. The good thing out of this, is no more pain, nor pressure, and I will have no more crooked tooth up front. My new denture will be clean, white, and straight.

I have listened and watched to this video, assuring myself that I am in God’s hands tomorrow.