How Many Trips to the Dentist Will I Go

I had accumulated a nice, big sore on my gum line from my new denture. I had an appointment this Friday for an adjustment; but still decided to call in and explain my problem. They got me in at 2 today. I feel better now, not as sore, but will sure be glad when the healing process is complete.

On the way home, I had to capture some photos of the beautiful sky here in Kentucky. Am I going to share them with you? Of course, I am. Happy Monday dear friends.

mondaymonday 2monday 3monday 4monday 5

13 thoughts on “How Many Trips to the Dentist Will I Go

  1. hate trips to dentist…but, I feel I lucked out this time…with no ins. my new dentist…I hope to keep her!…was great!…no cavities…I guess I can give myself credit a little,huh??? just a tiny chipped tooth she fixed …then cleaning…and she gave me a discount…YEAH!
    hope you are doing better!…not easy getting adjusted to dentures…My husband is a prime example


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