The Resting Bird

Tuesday morning and I am in the kitchen when my son-in-law said, “come look, no one will believe this”. Of course I put my eggs on the counter, anxious to see what he had seen.

When I went out to the porch, there sat a little bird. I thought maybe it is a Flinch? It had flown onto the porch and landed. I had to sneak inside and get my camera and get a photo of this little guy. Good thing I did when I did, because in no time, he was back to flying.


little bird

8 thoughts on “The Resting Bird

  1. Great shot. I must admit though, when I first saw it, it didn’t look like a bird. The first thing I saw were big teeth, then a nose and an eye. It wasn’t until I read your title that I realized what it really was. So strange. Wonder if anyone else will see that.


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