Advanced Thoughts

Hello friends. It is Monday evening. The 2 older boys went to bed since tommorow is a school day. The 1 year old is letting mom and dad know he isn’t ready yet.

It reminds me of when I was a young mommy and the battle of the wills. Oh those stages we go through in life.I can remember always pushing ahead in my thoughts. I couldn’t wait for the first word, the first step, being potty trained, the first day of school, graduation day.

Wait, what happened? Why is the house so quiet? The bedrooms so empty? I can remember walking down the sidewalk of the school, after leaving my precious child in the hands of some teacher who did not have a clue to my child’s needs.

How could I leave my baby and walk away on the first day of school? I would go home and wait by the phone, because it surely would ring. The teacher would be crying because she couldn’t understand what my child needed.

The phone never rang. My children did fine. They grew up all on their own, so I didn’t need to advance my thoughts in helping them by always waiting for the next stage.

Now years later, grandchildren in sight, there are no advanced thoughts. There are only smiles and mental memory books, filling up quick. I smile and they smile back at me. I tell them I love them and they grab me around the neck and with big smiles they tell me they love me too.


Goodnite my friends.