The Invisible Illness

I woke up with tremors this morning. Ths about told me what my day had in store for me. I ate my breakfast and went back to bed to fight the battle.

Fortunately these tremors didn’t eat up my entire day like they usually do. By 1, they were gone. Although they make me feel weak throughout the day, I am definitely feeling better.

I ate lunch. My son asked me to go with him to look for a set of glass firedoors for their fireplace, but I turned them down. I knew I would ruin their adventure sine I was too weak to keep up with them.

A lot of folks don’t understand illness unless they have experienced it or can see it. My tremors are internal. If i am having a real bad day, then the tremors will show externally through my hands, legs and head.

My son asked me if I was pretty much going to stay inside during my visit. I said no and tried to explain my tremors, but I am not sure if he understood. Afterall, I could stand and walk, although I feel I look a little under the effects of the bottle.

So I guess in the end I am asking for understanding. if someone turns down an invite, don’t take it personal. Lastly, just because you can not see the ailment, it does not mean it doesn’t exist. Have a great Fall day my friends.


15 thoughts on “The Invisible Illness

  1. I have tremors too, and I try not to worry, because my birth father and his mother had really bad tremors. But I can’t help but wonder, is this hereditary? But in the end, whether it’s heredetary or not, this may be one of those things I have to learn to deal with. I pray your day gets better Terri. It sounds like you might be experiencing anxiety, so I pray that God surrounds you with His love and His comfort, and gives you peace that passes all understanding. God bless you. 🙂

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      • Sorry it took so long to respond, Terry. I haven’t been online for a long time. Anyway, I don’t know what the cause of my tremors is. Both my birth father and his mother had them really bad. However, I didn’t know either of them very well, before they died, and never got to know what caused theirs. I suppose if mine get bad enough, I’ll get it checked out, but for now, I don’t want to hear anymore bad news. (Not a very mature way of dealing with things, however, sometimes you do what you have to do.)

        Hope you are doing better by now.

        God bless you,


      • You sound a little like me. I don’t like to invite trouble where there isn’t trouble. I have Parkinson’s, but I don’t go back and back searching for whys and what ifs. I deal with it right now because it isn’t bad. I ask God to allow me to continue to function, and so far I am. I don’t like stressing about the tomorrows. It only hurts my todays. Hugs


  2. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with and I agree that although people can’t see it, they should be understanding. I have two autoimmune conditions (Lupus and Sjogren’s) which both effect my CNS. Some days are okay and others are awful. A person would never know it from the outside and because of that people can’t seem to understand. It’s frustrating. People need to be made more aware of these internal/unseen ailments, so thank you for writing this. Also, I do hope that you feel better and you’re strengthened.


  3. no matter how much someone loves you there are certain things that they cannot understand. i think especially younger people who have not experienced real medical issues. my sister has gained insight over the years but i see a big change in her ability to relate. even she still has trouble understanding that i am not going to get better.

    just keep doing what you need to in order to be the best you can be.. if other’s don’t understand it has to be their issue and not yours. enjoy when you can and rest when you need to rest.

    sending love and hugs my friend

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