Warming The Heart

I went to bed listening to high winds that chilled to the bones. This morning, grey clouds, the same winds greeted me. This all leads to the sureity that winter is nearing.

I used to not care for winter, but anymore, I really detest it. The cold goes to my bones and makes them feel brittle. I smoke outside so it isn’t rare to see me in thick sleeper pants with a hoodie first thing in the mornings.

I try to find the beauty in days like this, but I end up having to find beauty inside the home. Seeing the one  year old smile and hearing his giggles, warms my heart.

On the weekends the entire family sits down to breakfast together and talk about the day’s events to come. Through the week nights, supper brings out one of this family’s traditions. The adults become quiet and the two oldest boys slightly argue about who is going first. What that means is, they each get to tell about their entire day. They talk about what they learned, they ask questions maybe about homework. I really enjoy it and watching the sparkle in their eyes as they become the main attraction, warms my heart.

Each of the two older ones carry their plates to the sink. They clear and rinse off their plates. Each one has age appropriate chores to do and showing mom school papers and doing homework is a must, and is checked.

After dinner is over we all retire to the basement. There we watch movies on the big projection screen, or games are played. The other night we all had a THROW ALL THE BALLS AT EACH OTHER NIGHT.

The balls were small and soft. Watching and being a part of this fun time and giggles, warmed my heart.
What warms your heart on cloudy, windy, Fall days?