A rose by any other name

Is nothing more than poison

A stem with thorns

Tempting you with green

And as you near it

It’s spike pierces your skin

Gurgling thick red

Through what once

Was virgin veins

Come quick my friend

Run far from it

Don’t look into its eyes

Hold back your temptation

Run to the beauty

The peace that surrounds

Live through the heart

Enjoy only the color

Of what life has

Delivered you today.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



The Resting Bird

Tuesday morning and I am in the kitchen when my son-in-law said, “come look, no one will believe this”. Of course I put my eggs on the counter, anxious to see what he had seen.

When I went out to the porch, there sat a little bird. I thought maybe it is a Flinch? It had flown onto the porch and landed. I had to sneak inside and get my camera and get a photo of this little guy. Good thing I did when I did, because in no time, he was back to flying.


little bird

Multiple System Atrophy, Together; We Can Do It

I have stated many times in the past few years that my brother died from Multiple System Atrophy. It wasn’t only my brother who passed away. There are many others. I haven’t figured it out exact; but I would say an average of every 1-2 weeks, someone I have chatted with, either a family member, caregiver or friend,  has passed a way.

I am heartbroken each and every time I read of another MSA angel. It brings sadness to my heart, rushing back the loss of Al, my brother. He passed away 3/24/2014. I can’t believe it  has been more than a year and a half; because as of this moment, I can still shed tears quite easily.

The reason for this particular post is to ask you to give up $2.00, or $5.00 or any amount you can give up. Send it to the link below. Help us to find a cure before another loved one is lost.

If you have not heard of MSA, please don’t feel embarrassed. This is why there is not enough funding and this is why there is still no cure. Work is being done daily with fund-raisers, donations. Word is getting out; but we need everyone’s help. Read the link below and tell your friends, family, and co-workers, neighbors; tell everyone and ask them to give up one thing for the week and make a donation to  MSA.

The link below is a video I made of my brother. He was once healthy, just like your spouse, child, family member or friend. Now he is gone. I miss him. He has left a large void in my life, that no one or anything has been able to fill. Please watch and make a donation. If you want, make a donation in Alvin Miller’s name.

Trick-Or-Treat Fright Night

It was a chilly night. Katie pulled her cape closer to her. The winds sounded wicked. It was as if they were whispering evil words into her ears. Her body shivered and she looked up as if someone had said something to her. Two dark, long and slender clouds were floating in the moon’s face, forming the most wicked smile.

She was trick-or-treating. Her best friend and her had made arrangements to go out one more time, one more year, before everyone laughed because they were too old to be doing such childish things. The plans were broken though as her friend’s mother called Katie and told her, Lynn was down with a temperature and a sore throat.

Katie didn’t want to stay at home. She would never have that one last chance to go out. She didn’t want to pass out treats, she wanted to collect them. She decided to go out alone; but there was something creepy about the winds, and the crazy smile in the moon’s face.

She breathed a deep breath and started up to the first house with the porch light on. She knocked on the bell and stood back when the door opened and the sight she saw made her mouth drop and her eyes almost bug out.

It was a mask that greeted her. The body was very tall. Blood dripped from the lips. Blood covered the shiny knife in the left hand. A deep voice welcomed her, and with his free hand motioned for her to step inside.

Katie glanced inside, and saw the orange basket with the triangle eyes and nose. She looked around her and then past the bowl of treats. She hesitated but she wanted treats right? She darted past him and waited at the bowl for the masked person to hand her the treats.

A hand motioned for her to help herself and Katie slowly lowered her hand towards the bowl of candy. She lowered her hand until she felt the goodies and while keeping her eyes on the giver, she grabbed some candy. As soon as she had her hand full, a set of fingers grabbed her wrist and held on tight.

Katie thought she was going to pee her pants when the voice said, ” did you get all you wanted”? Katie shook her head up and down and the fingers dropped and she was allowed out of the front door.

She ran down the steps and out to the sidewalk. Her breathing was so quick and forceful, she started to feel dizzy. She walked over to the big oak tree and leaned against it; willing her breathing to calm down.

She then laughed out loud. That guy was some actor. Boy, he was really playing Halloween night all out. He was either a lunatic or had a wild imagination. She had herself composed and decided to go on to the next house.

There were two empty lots between the next house. She was almost ready to climb the steps when a hand reached from behind her and covered her mouth. The other hand wrapped itself around her waist and drug her away from the steps and off into the shadows.

Katie tried kicking at the person. She tried to scream but couldn’t get any sound to go further than the gloved hand. She fell to the ground with the robber falling on top of her. They tumbled a few times and then Katie managed to have the boogie man on his back.

She ripped the mask from the face and laughter echoed from tree branch to tree branch. It was her best friend. ” What, what in the world are you trying to do to me? Give me a heart attack? What are doing out?  Your mom said you were sick. You know, I should beat the shit out of you for scaring me almost to death”. Lynn stood up and helped Katie up. ” Hey girlfriend, my temp broke and mom said I could go out and look for you. Well, I found you, so are you ready to go trick-or-treating”? The two took off for the next porch light, laughing as best friends do. Trick-or-treat!



The Scenery of Russellville, Kentucky

Today, I went back to the dentist so he could see how I am progressing. He said I was doing good. Now I have to start the process of rinsing in salt water every time I eat. Yuck. On the way home I decided to show you what area I live in, at least the countryside.

greengreen 2green 3green 4green 7green 8green 9green 10green 13


crying 2Life can change

Faces become blurred

Plans become altered

You just never know.


Don’t count your chickens

Tomorrow may not come

Hills and valleys

You just never know.


Smiles become frowns

Laughter becomes distant

Hope can become lost

You just never know.


Love will always be

Tears will dry

Heart may break

You just never know.


Live in the moment

See the person beside you

Don’t count on tomorrow

You just never know.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Dentist and Prayers

I know the words, I know right from wrong; but yet I am afraid. I know it is petty; but to me it is petrifying. I know God answers prayers, especially in numbers. So please pray for me tomorrow morning as I get my upper teeth pulled. My request is for me to remain calm, my blood pressure not to soar, and of course for the dentist to do this procedure smoothly. The good thing out of this, is no more pain, nor pressure, and I will have no more crooked tooth up front. My new denture will be clean, white, and straight.

I have listened and watched to this video, assuring myself that I am in God’s hands tomorrow.

The Circus Had Moved On

Once upon a time there was a child born. It came in time, and not always due to any particular circumstances, when the lesson learned was; sometimes bad things happen to good people.

The child seemed happy , the experiences grew and teen years seemed a little tipsy at times. Holding onto the balance act really was a juggler’s delight. Packing with a suitcase full of hurtful words, hidden feelings, doubt and misplacement, the teen carried them into the future.

More hurt, more agony, new lessons learned, suddenly took this person and built a slow and very tough metal shield around the soul. It was attached to the outer body like a glue and the only way to release its hold was through the act of release.

As a tight rope walker walks his steps, maybe he says to himself as his legs begin to tremor, release, release, release, move one leg in front of the other. Slowly, with steady gait, the performance has been complete. The actor smiles inside with pride.

The child, teen, the adult made a quick decision to protect himself. The armour became thicker as each imaginary battle was over-taken. To others, there was no awareness of the turmoil for many years, until one day it spews out of the soul and people stop in wonder.

Words become hushed and questions are secretly asked. Many come with prayer and hope that one, small word will be the one to break the shell and watch it come crashing to the floor. Visions of; shouts of joy as another soul is saved from a devastating life, were built on hope.

But alas, it never happened. It was like watching the lions and tigers walk in circles. Loud roars are heard as the whip cracks near them; the trainer waiting for his hard work to be paid in full.

One day the light shone so bright the person was able to see. Floods of memories came washing over the body. Words of sorrow were spoken, tears shook the body. When the body was drained of all emotion, eyes looked around, but sadly no one stood anywhere within reach. Stacks of papers laid neat in a pile spoke of death after death. Falling to the floor, looking to the heavens, pleading for release of the shield; it happened; but no one noticed. The circus had moved on.