Another Weekend Over

Well another Halloween has come and gone. Onto the next holiday, Thanksgiving. Last night I stayed at home and passed out treats to about 60 kids, while the parents took the kids out to collect candy.

The weather was on an up down swing. It would rain then quit and continued this throughout the day. I think God wanted the little ones to enjoy their evening because as the hour came to venture out for the two hours of fun, the rain stopped.

I received a phone call from my friend here in town, so once everyone was back home, I went to the Moose to see all my friends. It was unsual to go on a Satrday evening, but there was a live band playing. I had a real god time listening to the music and playing catch-up with my friends. I got home at 11:30 and hit the bed.

Toay has been the day to remove all sights of Halloween and  to think about Christmas decorating. My son and his family really get into the holiday decorating. It is so much fun watching the kiddies get all hyped up.

After lunch the kids, mommy and me headed to WalMart. I bought a new pair of pants, after discovering a hole in my favorite ones. I bought a hair color kit and when we came home, I colored my hair and took a shower.

Tomorrow the kids are back in school. Tomorrow evening I will be going to the funeral home to pay my last respects to my grandma. She lived a long life and was loved by most. Although she was too elderly to cook or bake any longer, I will always have fond memories of her big, soft sugar cookies, her hand made noodles, potato salad and least but cerainly not last, her fried bread dough. Rest in peace grandma, I will never forget you.


6 thoughts on “Another Weekend Over

  1. i am so sorry about your grandmother. time does seem to march on, one holiday on to the next it seems.

    it was great to hear that you were out with your fiends. keep it up for as long as possible.

    sending you big warm hugs and love my friend

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