The Family Rejection

Someone in a Parkinson’s group once told me to stay stress-free and it would help my tremors. After tonght I believe him. I just came home from my grandma’s viewing.

It happened to be the same funeral home my brother was at, so that didn’t help. I hope that if any of you are left an inheritance, your family doesn’t act like mine. Money can turn nice people into demons.

The thing was, I know inside I took excellent care of my brother. I know I also spoiled him until the end. I bought or gave him anything he wanted.

This is why I am almost broke today, but I wouldn’t change a thing if I could. It hurts so bad when family turns their back on you for the greed of money. This same family was there at the viewing tonight and after the year and a half since my brother’s passing, still no one would speak to me.

Between seeing grandma lying there lifeless, being in the same funeral home as Alvin was, and the family rejection, I had full-blown tremors. Thank God one of my children was there for me because I could barely stand or walk.

I am better now but already promised myself there will be no going to the grave side funeral tomorrow morning because my mind and body can’t take another family rejection.