The Family Rejection

Someone in a Parkinson’s group once told me to stay stress-free and it would help my tremors. After tonght I believe him. I just came home from my grandma’s viewing.

It happened to be the same funeral home my brother was at, so that didn’t help. I hope that if any of you are left an inheritance, your family doesn’t act like mine. Money can turn nice people into demons.

The thing was, I know inside I took excellent care of my brother. I know I also spoiled him until the end. I bought or gave him anything he wanted.

This is why I am almost broke today, but I wouldn’t change a thing if I could. It hurts so bad when family turns their back on you for the greed of money. This same family was there at the viewing tonight and after the year and a half since my brother’s passing, still no one would speak to me.

Between seeing grandma lying there lifeless, being in the same funeral home as Alvin was, and the family rejection, I had full-blown tremors. Thank God one of my children was there for me because I could barely stand or walk.

I am better now but already promised myself there will be no going to the grave side funeral tomorrow morning because my mind and body can’t take another family rejection.


18 thoughts on “The Family Rejection

  1. Unfortunately the uglies come out in situations that should bring people together. I am familiar with rejection.. Lean on the strength of who you are and who you know in high places.. God almighty! I hope you are feeling better.. ( (hugs) )

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  2. Sad to hear this, but you are right money matters can take families apart. Good decision to stay away tomorrow. Choose to be with the ones who love you and don’t have a grudge. No need for being with the negative people.

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  3. I know by the time you read this the funeral will have been and gone but you can have your own graveside goodbye without them at a different time, if you had been reading this in time I would have said ignore them, don’t let them stop you going if you want to, hold your head high and say the goodbye you want not what they force upon you, instead f viewing their actions as a rejection think of it as they have set you free, after all are these really the type of people you would choose to have in your life given the way they act, they have given you a gift, the right to hold your head high as you walk away from those who would bring you down.

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    • You are such an intelligent woman. I probably would have considered your words and perhaps gone, but alas, it is over. The pain in my heart subsides until it is brought to the surface again. I will always remember my grandma with a smile and I have she’d my tears in silence for my loss of her. Thank you dear friend for always showing me another view. Hugs


      • I lost my grandma in January, the pain has lessened and we had our fair share of family drama, the only thing I can say is the memories I choose to remember my gran by are not those from the final years but from my childhood when she was vibrant and and not restricted by age and illness 😀

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  4. Where people reject us, God welcomes us. I’m very sorry to hear this. God cares for you, Terry! No matter what others might say or do, I hope you can trust in that and look to Him for comfort.

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