TheTrunk Tells It All

She sat in the sun It reflected on the highlights in her hair, just as she was also reflecting back on her life. She had a good, long life. She had married at the ripe age of 16. Sheandher husband had given new life to five children.

One of these precious five had been born still. A son, who had the name Lucas prepared for him for many months. Lucas was laid to rest in the family plot only two days after his arrival.Sometimes she pondered on what he would have become if only the child had survived.

Two more boys arrived, never allowing the first born to be forgotten, but to bring added joy to their lives. Twin girls were the last to announce their presence, and what a handfull they were. Who ever said girls were easier to raise, never had twins. She smiled to herself as she remembered back to race trying to keep one step ahead of those two.

Lucky for them, they had purchased their first home with four bedrooms. It wasnt the highlight of their small country town, but it had plenty of room, with lots of storage. There was a country room on the back side, which her husband had converted into a cook kitchen. Many summers, way into fall, were spent in that room. Canning peaches and green beans, freezing corn.

They bought a calf or two, according to how much money had been saved from the crops the prior year. Raising and butchering provided all the meat they could possibly want. If there was extra the children would wrap up portions and put them in their RadioFlyer wagon. The entire family would deliver packages at Christmas time to the neighbors.

Those were the best years. There was little money, but lots of hard work and plenty of love. One by one the kids all grew up, got married and had kids of their own. Most of them, but one son, had all moved nearer to the city to make better money.

The one son who lived only a quarter mile down the road  helped dad to farm the land. Mikah took more responsilities on as his pop became older and then got sick. The cancer bug bit her husband. Oh how he fought with all he had, but that old cancer won out and he was now buried out back by the tall, standing Acorn tree.

Yes sir, she had a good life, she was thinking. She missed everyone, but she sure missed her first love the most. She smiled as she stopped the rocking and stood up. She grabbed her cane and stepped off the porch. She made it out to the back yard and stopped. Shielding the sun from her eyes with one hand, tears flowed as her heart felt sadnes for what once was. She walked until she came to where her husband was laying peaefully.

She reached out and touched the bark as if this could reach down through the life in the trunk and rest gently on her husband’s arm. She felt peace run through her veins and at the same time she felt a heaviness come over her eyes.

She used her cane to help her sit on the ground. Resting her back against the story of her life, she picked up a dead leaf from the ground. She clutched it to her bosom and with a smile on her lips, she let God close her eyes.


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