The littl girl stood in her mama’s shadows. Her thumb in her mouth watching the other kids laughing and sitting on Santa’s lap. Her thumb was her security when ever she didn’t understand her feelings.

Little Angel was a mistake. She was born from a vigorous night of gambling and drinking. When mama learned she was pregnant, she vowed to give up her nighly activities and concentrate on giving her baby everything she herself had been denied.

She lived a habitual life and it seemed that every time her wheels stood straight on the track, the devil would pull the whistle and slam her off the rails.

The weeks turned into months and a few days before giving birth, she chose the name Angel, because she knew that an angel had definitely been watching over her these past months.

Angel arrived in the local community hospital, where no one was turned down, no matter their finances. Mama cried as she caressed each finger and toe. She had done it, she had her own beautiful baby girl.

Life had been a bumpy road since giving birth four years ago, but they had a roof over their head and she managed to keep little Angel’s belly filled.

Now they both stood watching little children sit on Santa’s lap, whispering their heart’s desires into the white bearded face’s ear. Mama picked up Angel and told her it was time to head home. She told the little girl that there would be other Christmases and hopefully Santa would stop by their house real soon.

The two turned to leave when a gentle tap on her shoulder caused Mama to turn around and look. The kind eyes and friendly smile motioned her to follow him. He pointed towards Santa’s lap.

She followed him and when they were at the steps that led to Santa, he lifted Angel and took her to Santa. With a deep laugh and a twinkle in his eye Santa held the little girl. He whispered in her ear and when he finished, he handed her a small sack of candy.

When Angel was placed back with with her mama, there were droplets running down her face. A handshake and a hug, and the two walked to the city bus stop.

The next morning was Christmas and mama woke first as she always  did. Her heart was sad as she started  the perking of her coffee .  She sat drinking  the hot liquid, and then got up and poured Angel’s cereal. Angel sat quietly  and when finished ,  the two walked into the tiny living  room .

There was a glow bouncing  from every  corner .  A beautiful  Christmas  tree stood lit with silver and gold lights. There were small, ceramic  angels dressed in white feathers hanging from every branch.

Under the tree there were colors of reds, silver and lots of gold bows. Angel ran to the tree and sat beside all the glitter. Mama came up to where her daughter  sat. Straight in her eye’s  view was a gold envelope . 


Mama couldn’t  help but weep with joy . She knelt down and sat beside  her Angel, and the two started  opening  the gifts. At one point she looked up as if giving thanks, and she saw the perfect angel on the top of the tree glowing at her.