Nothing on Saturday

I didn’t  do much today. This afternoon  I was laying in bed watching  Hallmark  Christmas  movies  and  out of the blue my foot went nuts on me.

The nerves, I felt like someone  or something  hit me with a sludge  hammer.  I hate having Diabetic  Neuropathy. Now it is almost 8:evil:30 and I  have pain and trouble  walking. I  sure hope it is better after being in bed all night

It was sunny  but chilly with some rain showers  tossed in. I  heard on the  morning  news that one night this  coming week, the low will be 27 degrees .  Now that to me is cold, but of course  anything under 65 is cold to me. Is this a sign I  am  getting older? Lol

My family ordered pizza tonight for supper. It tasted pretty good .  The one I  had was sausage  and  mushroom. A dessert  came with it, brownies, oh I  sure wanted to  try one, but I  had two pieces of pizza and we all know about the pizza carbs, so no dessert  for me.

What did you all do today?

Here is a little  poem I wrote earlier  this  evening .

Sunday  peace
Monday blah 
Tuesday  stinks 
Wednesday  Tada 
Thursday  okay 
Friday  yippee 
Saturday  yes 
Back  to  Sunday 
Written  by,
Terry  Shepherd 
November  2015