Nothing on Saturday

I didn’t  do much today. This afternoon  I was laying in bed watching  Hallmark  Christmas  movies  and  out of the blue my foot went nuts on me.

The nerves, I felt like someone  or something  hit me with a sludge  hammer.  I hate having Diabetic  Neuropathy. Now it is almost 8:evil:30 and I  have pain and trouble  walking. I  sure hope it is better after being in bed all night

It was sunny  but chilly with some rain showers  tossed in. I  heard on the  morning  news that one night this  coming week, the low will be 27 degrees .  Now that to me is cold, but of course  anything under 65 is cold to me. Is this a sign I  am  getting older? Lol

My family ordered pizza tonight for supper. It tasted pretty good .  The one I  had was sausage  and  mushroom. A dessert  came with it, brownies, oh I  sure wanted to  try one, but I  had two pieces of pizza and we all know about the pizza carbs, so no dessert  for me.

What did you all do today?

Here is a little  poem I wrote earlier  this  evening .

Sunday  peace
Monday blah 
Tuesday  stinks 
Wednesday  Tada 
Thursday  okay 
Friday  yippee 
Saturday  yes 
Back  to  Sunday 
Written  by,
Terry  Shepherd 
November  2015

5 thoughts on “Nothing on Saturday

  1. i hate pizza carbs!! i also have diabetic neuropathy and it can strike so suddenly that it is difficult to explain to others. sorry to hear that you are suffering with this.

    it sounds like you are settling in or at least i hope so. stay well my friend:) sending you love and healing thoughts.

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