The Best Doctor in the World

I had am awful  last night. Sugars wouldn’t  steady  out and that created lack of sleep. This morning  I called my familiar  doctor and got right in.

I  explained  to  him the swings   of my sugars and I  told him about my heartbeats waking me up. We talked and he had my last labs faxed  from the  Kentucky  doctor.

I know in my heart, or I should  say, I  feel something  isn’t  right. I haven’t  felt well for about three months  now. The one good thing the doctor  said was that  my bloodpressure  is much better since my last exam in Kentucky.

I gave my doctor  the biggest hug I could  get  by with .  He knows me so well inside and out .  He knows what triggers my stress. He knows what makes me tick.

He doesn’t  push me to have tests I don’t  want but maybe  need. He respects my thoughts  on my not wanting to know if I  have cancer or some terminal  illness . He realizes the care I  have given to many other  patients  and how that can affect  the thinking about life and death and how to handle and endure things.

When I  left he gave me a big hug and said he was here for  me. This made me feel comforted. I have an appointment  with  him next month and whatever  news I hear, I  will  have him standing by me.