Grandma’s Favorite Words

Today baby Easton and I took a different  direction .  It was like a new level  of bonding has taken place. I love it. He rides the scooter with me and can fool me by quickly  turning  the  key off. Of course we stop instantly  and than he giggles.

He likes to try to steer it but after running  into an end cap, grandma had to take back the  steering .  When we got home, it didn’t  stop there. He came into my room and crawled upon  the  bed. I learned  he loves to have his hair and back rubbed, so he would backup  as close to me as possible. A few times he laid down and almost fell asleep .  I  think he knew it so he would  bounce  back  in  to action, instead  of  napping.

One of the dogs my family  has, used to be my dog before Alvin got so sick and he also, has taken to coming into  my room after the boys go to bed and he cuddles with  me until time for him  to go to his cage for the night. Also this eveing, the middle  son came in my room. He joined in on the grandma time. We made up words on the wireless  keyboard  I brought  with me. He thought  that was  pretty  cool. When bedtime  came, the two older boys told me they loved me. You know those are a grandma’s  favorite  words to hear.


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