Christmas Trees, Summer Tans

Oh how the winds do blow
Washing our  summer  away
Trees with colors of gold
Getting  ready for a winter’s  day.

The beaches and parks are closed 
Convertible tops are up
Summer clothes have no more show
A nice hot chocolate  to fill our cup.

Time to think of filling  our plates
Time to think about Christmas  trees
Time to clean the fireplace  grate
Time to think of company; poor me.

We’ll  make it through the days
I know I’ll  survive the cold
We’ll  close our eyes and pray
For our taxes not to fold.

Only a few more weeks to go
Then Spring will come again
We’ll  wave good bye to snow
Dig out our shorts and summer tans.

Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd 
November  2015

Thanks  for  reading  my poem.