The Turkey

Family  and  I  went  to  Meijer today because  they were having a turkey  sale. We started buying some of the items needed for Thanksgiving  Day. It seems less shocking on the wallet if a little is purchased  week by week.

The first thing we did was look at the Turkeys. If you  spent twenty  dollars  on other  groceries ,  you got your  turkey half off. Let me tell you  how big my eyes got when I  saw the prices of these birds.

Big, real big, almost bug out big. The turkeys were butter balls  and  I  will  admit  they were nice size. Ready for the sticker price? These birds were between eighty and eighty-six, dollars  per bird.

In all my years of purchasing  Thanksgiving  dinner, I never spent that much for the main meat, let alone see a price that high. Lucky for us, looking  around we saw other nice, big birds more in the proper price range.

You add up the stuffing, green bean casserole ,  potatoes, rolls, desserts, and add that pricy bird on top, well let me just say Thanksgiving  could possibly require a personal  loan just for the meal.