The Turkey

Family  and  I  went  to  Meijer today because  they were having a turkey  sale. We started buying some of the items needed for Thanksgiving  Day. It seems less shocking on the wallet if a little is purchased  week by week.

The first thing we did was look at the Turkeys. If you  spent twenty  dollars  on other  groceries ,  you got your  turkey half off. Let me tell you  how big my eyes got when I  saw the prices of these birds.

Big, real big, almost bug out big. The turkeys were butter balls  and  I  will  admit  they were nice size. Ready for the sticker price? These birds were between eighty and eighty-six, dollars  per bird.

In all my years of purchasing  Thanksgiving  dinner, I never spent that much for the main meat, let alone see a price that high. Lucky for us, looking  around we saw other nice, big birds more in the proper price range.

You add up the stuffing, green bean casserole ,  potatoes, rolls, desserts, and add that pricy bird on top, well let me just say Thanksgiving  could possibly require a personal  loan just for the meal.


20 thoughts on “The Turkey

  1. I work in a supermarket here in the UK and the prices do not surprise me, they are similar to the top range turkeys we have here for Christmas, I think in part the increase in price comes from the fact that we demand the birds are treated better during their lives now and that of course incurs more costs to producers, we do however still have a range of of sizes and prices, I can honestly say I have dealt with customers who really could not care less about how the animal was treated they just want things as cheap as possible, I guess for most of us we have to find a happy medium where things are done with kindness but still affordable 😀

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  2. Jumping Jehosophat, Terry – I can’t believe the cost of those turkeys! Thank goodness you found others…or you might not have had a Happy Thanksgiving – which is what all of us at Casa de Canterbury wish you and your family!

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