Death Dream

Four nights  in  a  row;  with last night  being  the  worst ,  I  have  been  dreaming  of  my dad and my brother .  All the loss of loved ones in my family, and these two  people  return time and time  again .

This morning  I  awoke  to soaked eye lashes. I remembered  the dream, piece by piece . The scary thing was I was somehow  dying also.

My pulse and heart rate  was so soft I could barely  feel it. My body  felt like it was some where  else but my spirit  was here. I had dreamed my brother  had passed  on and anyone  and everyone  was coming to the viewing.

I never saw my brother in the dream, but I  knew it was him. I recognized  most of the people  who came to  pay their respect. The viewing seemed to go on forever .

After the funeral home closed the doors, I saw my father humped over in a church pew. He was seemingly  praying. I  walked  over to hold  him and  started sobbing, clinging to the one person I had left . He didn’t  respond, and when I  turned his face towards  me  to see what was wrong, he was dead.

Why are these wild  dreams happening  to me constantly ?