Thanksgiving Day

It saddens😯, my heart and yet in some small place inside of me; I  understand .  Thanksgiving  Day; without  the biggest share of the family being together.

It was an unspoken  understanding  when I was growing  up: the entire family  would be sitting down together  for a family meal. Oh, I  know and have heard so many voices speak about  why this doesn’t  happen  anymore . 

Businesses  are open. Split families, too many places to go, have to work, couldn’t  get the day off. Times sure have changed. Maybe, people expect others to understand  when this one or that one doesn’t  make an appearance .

This doesn’t  stop here either .  It continues  into the Christmas  holiday also. Is the word family  as important  to us today as it used to be?

All I  know  for sure, is this year, I  would give my right arm to have mom, dad, my brother sitting by my side at the Thanksgiving  meal. I miss you three. I wish I   would have appreciated  the little  things  more back then. I  learned  too late, but it isn’t  too late for you to be thankful  for everyone  who is taking  the time to sit next to you on this special day. Tell them you are  so thankful  for there presence .


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