Thankful for Each Other

The first cold morning
Where the snow glistens
The streets  crunch
You shiver leaving the house
Wishing Christmas  shopping  was done.

Stores are wagging gala music
Sparkle blinds your  eyes
Is that a trick; hoping
I will overlook those price tags?

Looking inside my purse
Know  I placed them there
You know; the aspirin, the cure-all,
Oh, I   knew this was going to happen 
Too many shoppers, need my quiet space.

He’s  going  to kill me when he sees this
The receipt ,  it’s  a mile long, better hide it
But then again, if he had come with me
Instead  of watching that stupid game
Probably  could have had less stress  and did a  better  job.

I enter our driveway , and he meets  me at the door
He helps  me, while telling me his team loss
I mourn my sore feet, he mourns his loss
He pours us a drink

Holding my hand, he walks
Towards the sofa and we put our feet  up
The remote turns soft music on, and we
Gaze into the crackling fire and sigh
Each silently thanking God for the other.


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