It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas

The time is nearing  the  holidays .  Every  day  it looks  more like  Christmas  inside my family’s  home. With  two levels of  living space, it takes awhile  to complete  the look.

I go downstairs  to the family  room and a glowing  tree catches  my eyes  immediately .  Standing with smiles beside the tree is Mr. And Mrs. Santa Claus .

Decorating  the fireplace  mantle is silver tinsel  with flickering lights all in a row. On the main floor, a Christmas  tree  ornates, the window. A tiny tree decorated  with candy cane lights  sits upon the television .

When I  lookout my bedroom  window in the still of the night, I smile at the decorative  lights softly shining through  the  glistening  snow.  If I   was not feeling  well for this day, thinking about how my grandchildren  see the decorations  through  their eyes, puts a smile on  my  face.

It is so different  being a grandma  and putting mom as second. I  don’t  have to worry and stress  throughout  the holidays like I  used to. Now, I  just ask a few questions  and make my purchases  and in no time at all, I  have made my edibles for the table .

It is almost Thanksgiving  so I  need  to slip away and head for the kitchen. One of the foods I am making is my grandmother’s  recipe for her dressing. I want  to do whatever  I  can ahead of  time  in case Thanksgiving  would happen to bring along with the good food, my nasty tremors.

Are you  decorating  for the holidays  yet? Are you  beginning  the preparation  for Thanksgiving  Day?


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