Turkey Be Gone

I hope you  all had a nice Thanksgiving .  We wait  and wait for those delicious  meals and before you  blimk, the day is gone and thoughts  turn to Christmas .

The day after Thanksgiving ,  we went Christmas  shopping .  I didn’t  see anything  that I couldn’t  live  without ,  so anything  I purchased  was done stress-free. That  evening we went to the zoo about forty-five  minutes from home and looked at all the Christmas  lights.

Yesterday  we went to a Christmas  auction. That lasted  about three  hours .  I  bought a few things  but mainly chatted with friends and played with  the grandkids. Today was much slower. I  tagged along with family  and looked  around  while  they bought  groceries .  I can officially  now say I am sick of turkey! 😯

So tell me what you did on this holiday .


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