For the first time

Last evening  there was a   Christmas  parade downtown  in my home  town. The Grinch was there, running place to place and reading  stories to kiddies.

The lighting of the park with lots of twinkle  lights  and various Christmas  scenes could be holding  to the eye. It was chilly. There were lots of people, including elderly ,  young, srollers, and a couple  of scooters, mine included.

I was  for the first time very aware that I am out of the normal box of life. I felt out of place, disabled  and I  almost felt like screaming at my Parkinson .

People were rude. They would see me and not stand to the side to let my scooter  by. Kids ran in front of me, forcing my eyes to be taken away from the beautiful  view of lights and focus more on the lives around me.

My brother  used to say he felt bad that he had to be on a scooter  when I  took him out  in public, and now I  understand .  I  doubt  if I  go back into that environment  again, because  next time, I   may say something  instead of pasting my smile on while they almost run me off the path.