Dear Sandra, My Friend

You were an angel
Who came into my life 
When my brother  was sick
You wiped tears from my eyes.

We remained friends
After he passed
You grew in my heart
A friendship  to last.

My heart always breaks
When I  read your  new blogs
You are much stronger than me
Keeping faith in your logs.

Although  we have never met
Your heart  has touched mine
I love you dear friend
I don’t  want to ever say goodbye.

You have fought more than some
You have seen all the best
If you  feel you are tired 
Lay your head down and rest.

I want you to  know
I pray every day
For more miracles to happen
Along your life’s way.

I love you dear friend
Written  by , 
Terry Shepherd 

Dedicated  to my good friend, Sandra C.

Written  on December  10, 2015


2 thoughts on “Dear Sandra, My Friend

  1. i am going to repost this with my response. here i will say that you have touched my heart and i feel blessed to have you for a friend. i can not begin to tell you how much i am humbled by this post. my illness has brought me great blessings, such as your friendship. xxx


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