What  are the word we used to hear as kids?

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words can never hurt me.

I don’t  believe that. Words can hurt. Words can make a person lose all reason to live. Words can bring up shit, that has been stuffed down under, but the garbage lid always  pops off.

Words can cause a mental  illness which can take weeks, months and maybe never heal completely . Words can cause emotional  drama, turn a smile upside down, ruin a good day .

The problem becomes your personal  ball and chain, dragging so close behind you. You are constantly  aware you are not alone . Words can take away what ever self-purpose  you thought you had.

Words can erase any trust you had in people. Words can make you wish the sorrow, guilt  and pain away by any means. Words can cause doubt when listening  to someone  trying  to help pull you  back up out of the alleyways .

Words can cause a bitter  taste, break-up of families, make you  homeless, feel unwanted and  unloved. Words can cause headaches, too many tears and the feeling  of non existence .

The biggest  thing words do to a person is cause self-doubt . 


Ugly, hateful, this could be
Take a shot of triple me
Turn it twist my heart in two
Do what you  want, do what you  do

When your poison  hits too deep
I will lay down and go to sleep
Don’t  want to feel this pain today
Sleep and hope for a brand new day.