Christmas Memories

Children out of school 
Making mama feel uncool
Toys scattered  all around
Need to donate them to our town
Grocery  bills go up so high
Eating out, I   wish tonight
Christmas  paper, scissors and tape
Helping Santa, cookies to bake 
Christmas  comes but once a year
Make the best, have a drink and cheer
Now I am old, wrinkled and all alone
I can’t  believe  how the time has flown
Sitting here watching the grandkids  play
Enjoying  the lights  on this Christmas  day.

Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd 
December  2015


Mini Vacation

Monday I went to my friend’s  home and stayed until today. The time flew by so fast. We seemed to do something  every, single moment. We went to different  places, some shopping, grocery  store,  we baked cookies, went to church .

It  was  nice to  see different things and to be with friends.  Her church is so alive. For a week night there were several young and older people. Live music and a message  that no one could deny was heard by all.

Now I  am  home and back to the chatter of children  and wagging tails of the two dogs. Familiar sounds  ring a note that the kids are itching for  Christmas  vacation  to start.

Right now it is 32 degrees .  We haven’t  had those temperatures  for a while  and so for me, it is cold. Snow chances starting tomorrow . It is winter. Once Christmas  is over, I  wish I  could wiggle my nose and sweep cold winter away until next year.

I didn’t  spent too much  time on the Internet those few days, so what have I  missed. Fill me in.