So many say the same thing to me
Let the past go, let it be free
I’ve  tried and I’ve  tried
But some days I  cry
My mind is stuck thick
Does this mean I’m  sick?
I love what used to be
My family  surrounding  me
Giggles were songs to my ears
Hearing the word  mommy whispered 
Made me feel alive and loved
Fixing  a meal through  playing and shoves
Now I can’t  seem to fit in
A feeling  of loss, my age wearing  thin
All I ever wanted  was to be loved  through  and through 
Now I can’t  find that feeling  in most  things I do
Is it so hard to  understand  why I live in the past?
That’s  where I shined  best ,  where life was a blast.

Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd 
December  2015

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My Heart Is Broken

Who I am

I haven’t blogged all day. I had some time to but just couldn’t. It is still hard but I need to. It heals me and gives me a soft place to fall.

Today I spent time with Al at the hospital. Then I went to the grocery store to buy the items needed for Christmas Dinner. Once home and putting the groceries a way I clicked on WP and then turned a way from it.

Now it is almost 8pm and the tears have begun to fall. It is strange how silence and a sense of loneliness come out of the woodwork once darkness falls upon us.

A Specialist, and Doctors along with Hospice had a conference and came to the agreement that there was nothing left to try for Al. They took him off of his remaining medications. The only thing he will remain on is his…

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