When I  was a mommy of little ones ,  I loved it. I also had expectations  of what  they should  do and how I wanted their  lives to turn out.

I’m  sure I disappointed  them at times, but hey, what child comes with an instruction manuel? My kids ran through  the  house. They screamed, yelled, giggled and cried. They were kids, right?

Now  having my kids grown and many grandkids  are here, I   sit back and notice the expectations  of what is required  today. I don’t  know about  you, but my kids didn’t  sit still for but a few moments  at a time.

Today, if a child can’t  sit still, some are rushed to doctors  and placed on medication .  I  admit I  was glad for those  quiet times, but when sickness came to visit ,  I would have given my right arm to have  the running around  and noise again .

No matter what Era we raise our kids in, kids need to be kids. They are meant to put things in their mouth. They will have short attention  spans. They will get dirty. They should  ask the 20 questions ,  how else will their little brains learn?

They will try your patience ,  they will love you unconditional .  They will pickup  the naughty words quick. They will run, laugh, giggle, play and cry.

I guess what  I  am saying is, don’t  scream and punish for them not being little adults .  Don’t  choose one child over the other. It doesn’t  work, I  know from  personal  experience .  Let them be who they are. Let them grow at their own rate. Don’t  have above  the  top expectations .  They are a gift  from God, and whether  you think so right  now or not, they will  grow up and move out, and you will have a permanent  silence.


9 thoughts on “Children

  1. It is disturbing to hear babies or kids crying and mothers scolding or showing signs of impatience while they are shopping. They are incapable of sitting for lengthy periods of time. I usually feel like I want to help out the stressed out parent…

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  2. our grandkids are visiting and they are definitely the kids that are running and playing. if we are lucky they sit for 10-15 minutes then they are off running and playing. my son was an only child so he was pretty quiet, however, when his friends were over it was a zoo and i loved every minute of it.

    for three years i taught at the high school level and some kids that were on medication were able to go off. my theory was if i allowed more physical time they could concentrate and that worked great.

    glad that you are having a great time with the grandkids and sounds like you were the fun mom!

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