Darn Body, Darn Parkinson

Today was and remains Christmas  for about  five more hours .  I have been visiting  my son and his family since Halloween  and will be  returning  home New Year’s  day.

It has been fun and came with challenges  as is expected  when you  have  any  extended  visit. The most fun was watching the kids play, hearing the baby giggle, listening to homework  being done, and remembering  back to those days with my own kids.

I have been able to visit with friends and have many laughs and talks about old times. The weather has been good to me. There was only one day so far, that was pretty  cold.

The bad things that happened  were internal with me. The internal tremors  are slowing me down .  My legs hurt and ache so much quicker  than six months  ago .  My stomach tremors and causes stomach aches and loss of appetite .  Parkinson  makes me more tired than before. I feel like one of those nineteen eighty  toys, weeble wobbles. I get pretty unsteady  and one day here, I  actually  fell, bending over trying  to find something .  I  hate bending over, even for a dishwasher .

Trying to fix the goodies that I  have  done for years, plain wears me out. I make one thing and I  have to rest for a bit before I  start fixing something  eles .  This year I used a couple  of days to fix things for Christmas  meals. It doesn’t  hurt to do this. It just  makes me recognize  I have that invisible  illness.

Tomorrow  my daughter and my other son’s  families will be here and we shall all celebrate  together . I’m  going to do my best not to look lazy, but I  am just drained, and  my body is worn out.

I hope all of you  are enjoying  your  Christmas  holiday. Hugs, me.


Christmas Morning

Christmas  morning  has arrived
I’m  the only  one up?
Took the time  for my own gift
A cup of coffee with news on the side.

I went outside to have a smoke
The streets were heavenly  quiet
I saw the brightest  sign of all
The biggest moon, I  really so stoked.

A sure sign of something grand
Had taken place this day
The baby Jesus Christ  was born
And was glowing  throughout  the land.

Returning  to my bed I hear the sounds
Of voices and tiny feet
The house was stirring on Christmas  morn,
Kiddies were racing to the presents  bound.

I have said a prayer  to God above
For those alone  and lost
I asked him to show them with no doubt 
His gift for this day, his undying  love.

Written  by , 
Terry  Shepherd 
December  25th , 2015