A New Year

A year has passed
We’ve shared some smiles
We shed some tears 
Hugs were sent
Giggles almost heard
We read others words
We made new friends
We gave up the enemies
We lifted each other
We prayed
We rejoiced 
We made it
Through  2015
Through  praying together 
And guidance  from God
We shall  remain
Friends,  bonded
Through   the new year, 2016

Happy New Year  my friends.

Remember  one thing ;  If you drink, do not drive. Better yet, drink within your  own home.


Final Days of Christmas

The Sunday  after Christmas  my girlfriend  picked me up and took me to her home, which is not too far from  Chicago . We talked all the way there and most of the evening .

The next day an ice storm arrived. This prevented us from going anywhere .  Since she lives so close to  the  Great Lakes, the winds were something  else. When I  went  outside  to smoke, I  swear if I   was fifty pounds  lighter, the winds could have picked  me up.. lol

The news weatherman  was predicting  accumulated  snow amounts for today and tomorrow .  I wanted to stay  until Thursday ,  but  I  also wanted my friend to remain safe on her trip back home from dropping  me off, so I  came home yesterday ,  Tuesday .

When I  walked through  the door, it was clear the two dogs had missed me. The eldest grandchild  said,”hi grandma,” immediately  and the baby  who is almost 2, gave me a big smile.

It was a nice welcome to me. Last evening  I decided  to have Ritz crackers with melted cheese for my bed time  snack. I  was putting the last cracker in my mouth, when a sharp  pain entered around my ear. I touched the side of my face and felt swelling.

I thought I   was  getting another gland infection .  I don’t  drink enough fluids and sometimes my saliva  glands will become infected.

These don’t  feel good and I didn’t  need this  now as I  leave for Kentucky  this Sunday. I didn’t  have issues sleeping  but when I  woke up this morning ,  I   had some pain under my cheekbone .

I tried making an appointment  with my doctor  today but  he was booked up. I ended up going to the medic clinic and he said  he didn’t  believe  I had a gland infection  nor a sinus infection .

He felt around and along with my answers  to his questions  he said I had TMJ. I  had opened my mouth wider than usual and had inflamed my jaw. He told me to take Ibuprofen  for a couple of days  and see if it gets better.

It seems to swell and become a little swollen  when I  eat. Afterwards ,  the swelling  goes back down. I feel some tingling , but he had said the nerves and muscles  are involved.

I hope this gets better, since I  leave in a few days. Since getting my teeth pulled  in October, I am sick of mouth pain, so keep your  fingers  crossed.

I am not doing anything  for New years  eve .  I don’t  drink and I don’t  want to get hit by a drunk driver, so I  am staying home .  How are the last days of your  Christmas  holiday  going ?