Back Again

Well folks, I am back in Kentucky once again. I arrived yesterday evening. I already miss my family up north, but promised them I would come back at Spring break if at all possible.

It wasn’t long after I left Indiana, that I heard from family that snow had started to fall. Their accumulations were to be around 2-4 inches. I guess I left in time.

There has not been snow down here in my area as of yet, but I don’t mind. I am and never have been a snow bunny type. Snow is for kids, no, well, that isn’t actually true. My youngest son was hoping for enough snow to go out and play in and he is in his thirties. I didn’t like playing in it as a kid, I don’t like driving in it as an adult.

Today, I spent most of it taking my time putting things back in their place. My daughter had cleaned up my room, washed and re-made my bed. She even had a Keruig cup sitting at the coffee pot with a clean up. Is that nice or what?

Tonight, everything is in its place and my shower is done. My son-in-law fixed pasta for supper and even brought it to me. Maybe I should be considered spoiled?, or maybe just they are glad I am back.

As long as I can walk I will try to go back and forth. I can’t have my entire family around me; but I can visit each as I can. I was welcomed in the door by Lexie, their eldest dog, Halo, their ornery cat, and a new companion, Dobbie, a mix. I must say, I will never be alone.

My goal for New Year’s eve is a little different than most. I am working hard at letting the past go, the memories remain of families moved onto heaven, and looking at my future.

When you get my age and illness appears on your front door, it is time to live as well as you can, at least emotionally, and that is the door I fit through.

Life if full of surprises

It can’t possibly remain the same

We must walk pebble over pebble

We must learn to play the game.

Nice to be back on my big computer!!!

Snowshoe Rabbit

Manitoba, Canada — Snow hare (Lepus americanus), Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, North America — Image by © Thorsten Milse/Robert Harding World Imagery/Corbis


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