Getting Over You

A new year today
The old slipping away
Put away the stale
Wipe away the days.

Refresh my memory
What is your name again?
Let’s go and have a drink
Let’s dance and remember when.

Clean sheets upon the bed
Blank shadows scream your name
Just place your imprint baby
Let’s play that familiar game.

Your body feels indifferent
I can still remember him
The old year slipping in
I am remembering once again.

I scream his name in vain
As you raise me up above
The hurt you feel; I see
I swear I’m not in love.

You climb out of my bed
You slip your clothes back on
You shut the door so quiet
Now both have come and gone.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd01/05/2016



2 thoughts on “Getting Over You

    • Never feel you owe me an explanation. I remember very well my emotions while caring for Al. Please take care of yourself, take a deep breath, think of Ants and Ming, but think of yourself first, so you will be able to survive through it all. Love and hugs to you dearest friend


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