I Get Goose Bumps

I have had this vision for several months, but have yet tried it in reality. Sometimes, I actually get goose bumps, just thinking about it. Have you ever had that feeling before? An itch, that needed to be scratched?

What stops you? Fear, think it’s silly, no time, lack of funds? I guess I have a little bit of lack of confidence; even with the goose bumps. I also have lack of funds when it comes to the purchase of the item. Of course, there is the fact, that I may laugh myself silly until I pee my pants, when I see the finished product.

It just feels like I have this thing, I can’t actually name it, but something that nudges at me, pushes me a little, to try it. I am on the lookout  for this one item. I don’t want to buy it brand new. It could end up being a waste of time. It may look like Bugs Bunny did it, or hey, it could be a smash hit, and I could be another Leonardo da Vinci.

Oh, what is it you ask that I wish to try? Painting, so I would like an Easel.








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