Beginning of Today

Today, being Sunday, I woke and made myself a hot cup of coffee and sat back and watched Dr. Charles Stanley for an hour. Do any of you watch him?

I know it is a fluke, but each Sunday, the sermon seems to be what is on my mind throughout the week. I have a few things I have been wrestling with and the advice given to me, is pray for others, and pray for patience for myself, while dealing and waiting upon God to clear matters up.

It is so hard, for me and most of us, when we have words and thoughts inside, scurrying and we can do nothing about it. Frustrations can make my tremors worse. Patience is always something I have to ask God’s help for, when I am trying to figure things out and let him do all the work.

I just wish life was calm each day. I usually have those moments when my camera and I are out on the road. This is when I am able to block everyone out of my life.

Dr. Stanley told me that although I have faced my issues, he promises he will deal with them now and I don’t need to worry. This is a good lesson. It can give me less stress and more time to write or do whatever makes me feel better.

Today, I worked on my bedroom. It is pretty packed, considering three-fourths of what I own, is in here with me. I got rid of things that I might have otherwise kept for years yet; but this is a normal size bedroom, and my contents were running over.

I made a mess with a pile of “stuff” I took out to be trashed, but once they are rid of, their home will look back to normal. I have always felt a little bad about cramping their living space. They took their things out of this room and tried to squeeze them into other spaces; so each thing I take out of here, makes it look a little worse out there, but like I said, once the trash is emptied, all will be fine.

I had purchased a rectangle, fifties, chrome table. You know the kind? The ones with the small drawer and two pull-out leaves? On each corner there is a red striped design.

I was able to remove a lot of my personal items from the bathroom and place them on the table. It also gave me space under the table, so I hid things under there, that were once in my way.

I changed my sheets, dusted, and did my laundry. Tonight in my city here in Kentucky, it is pretty chilly. We had a dusting of snow today also. It is cold now, so I will be hiding under my covers after supper and watching the Awards on TV.wp-1446596201677.jpg

11 thoughts on “Beginning of Today

    • I am cleaning out my mental health. Keeping my memories and looking today. I can’t seem to look at tomorrow yet. I also have a lot of things and this will keep me as busy as you are. Hugs dear friend

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  1. Dr. Stanley is wonderful. Last year for Christmas I bought each grandchild a book from his “In Touch” store. Imagine my joy when the oldest grandson brought up something he read in the book. I was thrilled. I find what Dr. Stanley says to be an inspiration to my life. In my opinion he has been anointed by God to do the work he does. Blessings on you day. PS I am also trying to clear out too much “stuff.”


    • That is so awesome that a youngster is reading that book. I get irritated if I miss his show on Sundays. I wish he was on more often through the week. I watch Joyce Meyers too. She is really good. Thanks for sharing this joy with me


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