Maybe You Will, Maybe Not

This morning on Joyce Meyers, the prompts that she used, I thought were excellent. We live in times where many, if not all of us at times, go through having problems and not knowing where to turn to for answers.

She had two large bottles that looked like prescription bottles. On the outside of each bottle had the doctor’s name; Jesus. The script was written for; anyone.

The prompts were used for each of us to open the top and take out a giant pill. On each pill were big, red letters and they spelled out, ” Trust Jesus.” I thought, now this is a fascinating idea. It is something that even I shall not forget when I run into a snag in life.

I don’t know what you all do when you have problems you can’t solve immediately. I usually go to my best friend. I trust her words 100%. She is a Christian, and won’t give me any flip-side remarks. If she doesn’t know the answer, we sometimes will talk it out, and if that fails, we say the same thing, ” We will pray about this.”

Why do I go to her first? I suppose part of it is habit. Maybe, also, because I do trust her. What should I be doing though before calling her? I should be taking that white cap off and reaching in and taking  out one of those “trust Jesus” pills and swallowing it whole.

Joyce made it very clear that there is no problem here on earth that Jesus can’t fix. He is waiting for us to only ask. I need to ask in prayer first, and then go to my best friend.

I am going to try to add this goal into this new year of 2016, along with my mental clean-up closet. What about you? Do you think this is bogus writing? Do you think this is accurate? I believe, so I agree with my own writing. Thanks Joyce Meyers for always teaching me about the simple way of living in today’s world.


5 thoughts on “Maybe You Will, Maybe Not

  1. This is good Terry. I have a few things that keep nagging me and I need to pop a Trust Jesus pill. It’s interesting as there are some things that I can easily let go of and others are more difficult. Thank you for sharing…


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