I didn’t do anything worthy today and yet my time slipped by and here it is, time to crawl under the covers, watch some TV and go to sleep. I got up early. I hate waking up at the rise of the sun.

I don’t need to, so why do I do it? I used to hear people talk about old people rise with the roosters and go to bed before dark, when I worked in the health care field. Lordy, does this mean I am getting to that stage?

What about all those late-night TV shows I used to watch? I could stay up until around 1am and still fight closing my eyes. What about you? Are you an early riser or stay up late person?

I ate breakfast, played a game I play with my son and daughter-in-law from Facebook, first thing in the morning. It is called What the Phrase. Have you ever played it? You play against other players. It is very similar to Wheel of Fortune in my opinion. You guess letters, playing with only one other person at a time, until you guess the phrase. It has many categories.

After breakfast, I have been trying to get dressed then and attempt at putting some make-up on. I always don’t do this, but I actually feel better if I do put a little mask on my face. LOL. I used to think, ” who cares, no one sees me,”. but I guess since I feel better, then I must care deep inside.

I went and got my renewal on my medications and other than that, I didn’t do a whole lot today. So what did you do the day before hump day?



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  1. My sleeping habits have changed a bit. For several weeks I was waking up about 7 ish because I was meeting two ladies at the senior center to walk with them. But since it has gotten colder and a bit icey we have not been walking. I have had a couple of nights of thinking to much so ended with sleepless nights. I do pray during those kinds of nights. So this morning I was really surprised to see that is was way past nine. That is very unusual for me. I love my mornings of quiet. I did some coloring with colored pencils. I do what is called postcrossing. You sign up to send a postcard to someone and in return you will get one back. Today I got one from France and from Russia. One of the postcards inspired me to color.. It was fun!


  2. I can’t keep awake after 10, that is my bedtime, I am too tired. Then I do need my 7 to 8 hours sleep and I am up at 6. I do like mornings more than nights so that works well with me. I think it does not matter when you go to bed, and that makes you feel older, do what you feel like, who cares….


  3. when i was young and even later when i was working it was always early rise! for years after getting out the sun would come up and i would open my eyes ready for the day. being sick has turned that on it’s head.

    now i stay up late and sleep very late. sometimes i end up not sleeping at all but usually i sleep in. this was so annoying at first but now i feel like this is my body rhythm and i just honor it.

    you will get it the way it is most comfortable for you. sending hugs!


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