Don’t let them fool you

You’re still way cool!

Don’t listen to the down words

They’re coming from tiny, little turds.

Walk with your head held high

Yep, girl, look up towards that sky!

Don’t let them see you cry

Instead, wave and say goodbye.

Those words that they call you?

They’re coming from real fools.

Just be the person you are

And I promise; you’ll go far.

Put that smile upon your face

Keep walking at your pace.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




Golden Angel

Golden Angel


Death was at my door

A glow of light behind

Peace came all around me

Like I’d never felt before.


I asked her a simple question

“Are you here to take me home?”

She smiled a gentle smile

“Yes, it’s time, my little friend.”


She lifted me by rays

I rested softly in the light

She spared me any pain

It was the best of all my days.


My body is healed  again

I am smiling ear to ear

I don’t know what I feared

Heaven is the place to be in.


Don’t worry my friends and family

I will never forget you, I swear

I will save a spot for each of you

Because this is where you will be.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd



golden angel