I chose a word, and looked it up. I then decided to write what comes to mind about the definition. This is a little mental game, to keep this senior mind as sharp as possible. I chose the word APATHY. The definition is;

1. Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference.
2. Lack of emotion or feeling; impassiveness.
Off the top of my mind, I immediately thought, yep, that’s what I see all around me. No one seems to care about anything or anyone. It’s definitely a me world, and to hell with anyone else.
I then thought, no, that’s not quite true. The words ALL and NO ONE, don’t really fit my thoughts.
I notice on my Facebook MSA page, Multiple System Atrophy; Through a Caregiver’s eyes, that there is not one person who doesn’t have empathy and a loving heart. On my two poetry sights where I am an administrator; I have many opportunities to read others poems.
Some are filled with love. Others are filled with hate; but the hate is coming from hurt, where the heart was targeted.
If you look at Politics, this is where you see the ME world syndrome. It is filled with too many lies, deceit, and lack of trust. It is all about being the most popular, the biggest paycheck, and the highest title. Those that would make a huge difference, don’t always get nominated because we are a country where we want to  hear what we want to hear.
This brings it down to experiences. If you have experienced being ill, or poverty,  or have suffered a huge loss of some kind; you, without realizing it get over the ME, title, and suddenly you can place yourself in other people’s minds and feelings.
I am not saying it is anyone’s fault  if people don’t get it, but what hurts the worse  in my opinion is when you try to explain your thoughts and feelings, and they look at you with that blank face, or worse yet, raise their hands in the air and say, ” What do you want me to do about it?”
This is when it is sometimes easier to back away from people. Living among others and yet remaining single, saves a lot of stress, pain and hurt. On the other hand, if you have empathy, you are the one who I want to draw near to.
You understand me. You may have not gone through what I have gone through, but you have felt similar feelings. It is easy to pick up the conversation, pour the tears out, hold each other, and walk away feeling less alone and comforted.
I wish no one to go through anything painful or tragic. I only wish people would STOP, LISTEN, and at least PRETEND to understand. Less APATHY, more EMPATHY.

2 thoughts on “APATHY

  1. In my work, we call what you describe as having a flat affect; no emotion, no response, neither positive nor negative. Very challenging to work with. Usually, the person has just endured so much that he has shut off his emotions. Good post, Terry.

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