Tonight I picked out a simple made-up word and found a few definitions for it. I chose the one I liked best. Cally means in the Urban dictionary; A beautiful angel who enjoys pleasing other people but who makes their beloved truly happy. One to treasure for life, never let your Cally go.

Have you ever seen angels? I mean real angels? I have not, I have to admit; but I have seen angels in disguise. I don’t know if this was an angel disguised as my brother, or I woke up while in the midst of a dream, but this is what I saw about three weeks after my brother, Al, passed away from MSA.

I should say first off;  when I was awake, I argued with myself constantly about the pros and cons of giving up our home and moving down south with my daughter. There was a part of me that felt, I know this is weird, but I felt as if I was leaving Al and all of my memories of our living in this home behind; if I moved away. It haunted me day after day.

Although Al was gone and in heaven, I woke up from sleeping this particular night and standing right there at the foot of my bed, he stood. He wasn’t sick anymore. He looked like he did when he was in his early twenties. Tall, slender, and a big smile on his face. I remember sitting up and just staring at him. He didn’t speak and neither did I.

There was no bright lights, or heavenly glow. I turned my nightstand light on and I could still see him. I guess this is why I think and believe it was really him. I had been packing for a few days and I had boxes sitting in each room, including my bedroom.

Al kept smiling as he lifted a blanket and placed it in the box. After he did that, he smiled real big then  he disappeared. I knew without any spoken words, that Al was saying it was alright for me to go.

It will be two years since my brother passed away this coming March and I will never forget that night.

What about you? Do you have a story to share with me?





She Ran Away

Abby ran from the job, the noise, the tall buildings. She ran from the city. She had her purse on her shoulder, and her suitcases beside her. With her key in her hand, she locked her life behind her. Leaving the key in the mailbox as the landlord had requested, she picked up her suitcases and went through the revolving doors.

She stood still, taking in the air, smiled, and walked away. She had nothing with her extra; no cell phone, no tablet, no I Pad, nothing. She had told very few of her plans. She didn’t want to be followed. She refused to be questioned, in order to try to change her mind.

She walked to the curb and flagged down a taxi. A bright yellow one pulled up. The bald man with the fat stomach, looked her way and smiled. ” Need a lift miss”? She nodded yes and he jumped out and opened the trunk, tossing her luggage inside. Slamming the trunk, he ran over and opened her door and let her in. He got back in his seat and asked, “where to”?

Abby told him the directions and within an hour, she and her luggage were dropped off at the airport. She paid and tipped him and made her way through the double doors where a porter took her luggage and headed to the check-in window.

With ticket in hand, her luggage safely in place, she ordered a drink. She rested her head back and closed her eyes. Pictures of work, and people, and words were circling her mind. She had heard too many lies, too many arguments, been burnt by men who only wanted her for sex. She had heard and seen enough.

A gentleman sat down beside her. He smiled, and she recognized it all too well. Tall, dark and handsome. Pearly white teeth, a flashing smile. She smiled back and then finished her drink in one swig.

She grabbed the lap blanket and covered up and turned her head towards the window. The engines roared, and the take-off was smooth. She closed her eyes, and dreamed of what was to come.

Waking up, she heard the stewardess ask her, “chicken or turkey for your main meat”? “Oh, sorry miss, I guess I was sleeping. Chicken please.” The gentleman was gone. She didn’t care. It gave her more room to eat.

The meal came quick. Baked chicken, baked potato, green beans, tossed salad with french dressing, and a frozen custard awaited her palate. She ate slowly, tasting each bite. She had always eaten so fast, always in a hurry to some meeting. She enjoyed her dinner.

She got up and walked towards the door of the restroom. Knocking, and no one answering she slowly opened it. She sat down and then put more lipstick on, ran a brush through her hair, then checked her watch.

Two more hours and she would arrive at her destination. She walked back, the gentleman had returned. “I am sorry you dined alone mam. I was invited into the cockpit to have a meal with the captain. He and I are old buddies. We went to school together and then on to pilot school also.”

” Oh, are you a pilot”? ” Yes mam, I am. I have been flying these babies for over ten years”.

” Well, it must be a nice change to be the passenger instead of in the cockpit”. He laughed, those eyes piercing her soul. She wasn’t going to get sucked in that situation again, she smiled properly and offered nothing else. ” I am flying with him, because when we land, and after two days of rest, I will be flying back and he will be getting ready to get married one of the smaller islands”.

” Well give him my congratulation. I hope he and his bride will be very happy”. He nodded and then laid his head back to get some rest. Abby pulled out one of those airplane magazines and shuffled through the pages, looking at all the ads trying to draw your money in.

She then laid her head against the window and once again fell asleep. In no time at all, she heard the captain stating, ” Please buckle your seat belts. We will be landing in less than 20 minutes. The temperatures are 75 and the skies are sunny. Enjoy your visit folks”.

It was a smooth landing. She folded up her blanket and put the  magazines back in place. She looked his way and he was staring at her. ” Thank-you for your company miss. I really enjoyed talking to you”. She said,” No thank-you needed, it was a pleasant ride”.

Everyone exited the plane and she looked around for her driver. There he was, with her name tag in  hand. He took her luggage and placed it in the trunk. He walked over and opened her door for her. When he got in the driver’s seat he asked,” Are you ready”?

She nodded her head and he took off. In less than half an hour the car pulled up to a shady spot, covered in the tallest trees she had ever seen. She stood outside the cab, listening to all the birds singing as the driver got her luggage for her. He sat it in front of the entry to the small building. She tipped him. He nodded his head and smiled.

She was here, here at last. She walked through the door and to the counter. ” My name is Abby Duffy, and I have a reservation”. The clerk found her name, and checked her ID and made a copy of her credit card. She called for a porter and in less then 10 minutes, she was headed towards her shack.

The porter opened the door and did a walk-thru to make sure all was intact. He bid her a good stay and she tipped him, then he left. She looked around. Nothing fancy, and yet everything she needed. Pots and pans, a dish drainer, even liquid soap. The bathroom had clean towels, shampoo and conditioner, bars of soaps.

Her one bedroom had a four-poster bed with netting that swung over all sides to keep mosquitoes and small bugs out. She sat on the bed. Fluffy and yet a feeling that made you want to lay right in the middle of it.

The living room had a wall to wall fireplace, and there were several pieces of wood ready to burn. Two rockers, a love seat, and a bench all laid over beautiful, wooden floors. She walked outside and saw that there were 2 other shacks surrounding her. She looked up at the blue skies and listened to the wild life.

She stood there for a few minutes taking it all in. She started to turn around and go back inside, when a familiar voice said, “Well  hello there again”. She turned back around and there stood her plane passenger who had sat next to  her.

He had no shirt on, which showed a nice, tight, firm chest. A little nesting of hair rest in the middle of his chest. He had on a pair of white shorts, which showed off very masculine legs. He walked over to her and reached his hand out. The two shook hands as they gazed at one another.