Tonight I picked out a simple made-up word and found a few definitions for it. I chose the one I liked best. Cally means in the Urban dictionary; A beautiful angel who enjoys pleasing other people but who makes their beloved truly happy. One to treasure for life, never let your Cally go.

Have you ever seen angels? I mean real angels? I have not, I have to admit; but I have seen angels in disguise. I don’t know if this was an angel disguised as my brother, or I woke up while in the midst of a dream, but this is what I saw about three weeks after my brother, Al, passed away from MSA.

I should say first off;  when I was awake, I argued with myself constantly about the pros and cons of giving up our home and moving down south with my daughter. There was a part of me that felt, I know this is weird, but I felt as if I was leaving Al and all of my memories of our living in this home behind; if I moved away. It haunted me day after day.

Although Al was gone and in heaven, I woke up from sleeping this particular night and standing right there at the foot of my bed, he stood. He wasn’t sick anymore. He looked like he did when he was in his early twenties. Tall, slender, and a big smile on his face. I remember sitting up and just staring at him. He didn’t speak and neither did I.

There was no bright lights, or heavenly glow. I turned my nightstand light on and I could still see him. I guess this is why I think and believe it was really him. I had been packing for a few days and I had boxes sitting in each room, including my bedroom.

Al kept smiling as he lifted a blanket and placed it in the box. After he did that, he smiled real big then  he disappeared. I knew without any spoken words, that Al was saying it was alright for me to go.

It will be two years since my brother passed away this coming March and I will never forget that night.

What about you? Do you have a story to share with me?





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