10 thoughts on “Rammstein-Engel-Choral

  1. Certainly alters a person’s perception of the courage of angels…the music is haunting…the words…sad. I have always thought of angels as a positive force–the HOPE for me! I have never thought of angels giving up or being despondent. But then again, I do recall in early childhood being taught if you acted badly, your guardian angel would be very sad. Someone told me–not too long ago–that there is are lights that can be seen across the universe from Outer Space and that these lights cannot be attributed to any human invention or natural phenomenon of Mother Earth. They said this LIGHT is the Angels’ LIGHT!


    • That is very interesting. I have always believed all angels are good, except Lucifer. I believe they surround us and protect us. This was a totally different way than what I believe. Interesting song though, Thanks for offering your thoughts


  2. I think it’s depressing. Biblically, angels are a separate creation of God, and were/are never human. Our culture has given a whole new twist to angels, partly because of a couple of popular TV program. We do not become angels when we die, and we don’t have to earn our wings. I’m sorry to be a downer here. It’s not my normal role. But this is just wrong on so many levels.

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  3. I’m with Granonine – all of it. I don’t want to ruffle any feathers (not even angelic ones); but Angels are different than humans, and actually scripture even says we’re ABOVE the angels. The book of Pslam has told us about the Guardian angels, so those are real enough, thank the Lord.

    I think that this song is very artistic and dramatic, but not at all accurate or true. It could be very disturbing to someone who might believe it.

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    • I really appreciate your thoughts . I do believe in guardian angel. The words to the song were different from my beliefs. This is why I posted it, for your opinion


  4. I am not keen on Rammstein, a German group. Also I think people want to believe in different things, some believe in angels because they feel protected, others not. Lights in the universe appear for cosmic scientific reasons, just because we cannot explain some things we cannot say it is angels or UFO’s or anything else. If you believe in angels and it gives you comfort then do so, don’t let others tell you different. God has sent angels as it says in the bible, good angels, messengers. God might talk to us through angels, but it is for you to believe it.
    Believe is something strange, no one can tell you what to believe, it is in your head and it needs to make you feel good!


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