Where are You?

This snow looks beautiful inside looking out, but I need to get out and back into the world. I will be glad when all the roads are passable once again. We got a foot of snow and plenty of ice, but it’s past, so I am ready to see friendly stores clerks again.

I remember years and years ago we had a blizzard. We were totally shut in for at least a week. A snowmobile had to bring diapers to the house, and my husband at that time opened a window and dug an igloo.

It took him hours but he did it and he was then able to remove snow from the front door. I loved my family, but I needed to see what I may have been missing out there! It felt good to get out again.

Have you ever been snowed in for more than a day? What did you do?


ice 9

6 thoughts on “Where are You?

  1. Terry, I can’t imagine being so snowed in you had to have an igloo made to get out?? Now THAT was some kind of snow. I hope the roads will be ready for you to rumble tomorrow!! 🙂 Stay warm and cozy!!


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