Simple & Good

He is so tiny. Not very pretty, in fact most are scared when they come face to face. Many times, he sees you, but you don’t see him, so being in the same room together, can be something else.

Tiny eyes, far apart, short and stubby nose. I swear when I come head on to him, the hair on my arms raise. Think you know who I am talking about? You probably do. It’s alright, you are super smart, but can you figure out why I would speak about something as grotesque as he?

He has one goal in his life. To keep eating for survival. Well, let’s add one more goal, mating. Yeah, I know it isn’t a pretty vision thinking of these little critters doing that, but most do it right? Love, everywhere, anywhere, anytime?

Well HE doesn’t mouth off to me. He doesn’t treat me kind either. He doesn’t have any common sense; but neither does he want something he can’t have, because he only has those two goals.

He does take care of his own. No matter how big the family is, he takes no notice; he just knows they belong and he will work harder to get food and make a good life for his family.

He can butt into my business, but he does it on the sly. He never looks me in the eye and tells me off, or swears, or gives shitty smiles. If he does look me in the eye; it would be rare and frightening for both.

I notice this one thing about many, many animals. They are protective, they take care of their own. With this being said, why is it that we humans are considered highly intelligent creatures, and yet we are the biggest heart breakers of anyone on land?

In some parts of the country, the younger families take in the elders when they aren’t able to care for themselves. In other parts of the countries, nursing homes make the top list of ideas.

Why does national television make such a big deal about Paying it Forward. An entire show by Oprah can be seen about this topic. Everyone in the crowd gets so excited. We shouldn’t get this way. It should be like getting up in the morning and putting our pants on, one leg at a time, without thinking.

Every day we should look for that one moment where we can do something for the good, not the benefit of doing it. Do you agree or not? Even the poor can do this, so you can’t say, well not everyone has something to give.

Everyone has something to give. Time, giving of your time is priceless. Reading to someone. Picking up the mail and taking it to the disabled neighbor is probably a God send.

I once told an ex-husband during a crisis, that we would probably never be as happy as we were at that point. He said, sure, whatever; but it was true. The more we received, the better money we had to make, the more we worried about upcoming bills, the more we thought we needed this or that. It just never stopped. The grass always seemed greener in other people’s yards. Guess what, we are divorced today. Of course, trying to get ahead was not the only incident in that relationship, but it was a big one, because it went from a snowball into three snowmen.

If we thought like a mouse does, we would do what was necessary, what was right. We wouldn’t know how to  be hurtful.  We wouldn’t give two hoots about, who’s working where,  or what can we get out of this or them.  We would not have big health issues, there would be minor stress. Less would be going to bed hungry or lonely. Life would be just plain;  simple and good.



Little Light in My Soul

Although it is cloudy outside, there is a light beginning to shine inside my soul. I have endured several anxiety attacks the past few days. Some of these were so horrific I wondered if I would live or die. My veins swelled in my temples, my neck was throbbing, and my eyes became blurred.

I am still dealing with some of the blurred vision today, but I am hoping it is due to the moisture in the air. I am allergic to rain. Can you figure that one out? Even when I shower or do dishes, I will sneeze.

Well, back to what I was saying. When I have attack after attack, and I have finally come to the place that I am calm again, I have no choice but to  butt heads with that rock.

I made several phone calls last night. I asked for prayers to help me through my situation. God answered. In fact, God showed me clarity. I had no problem defining the issues and how to solve them. He showed me what to do and this is what is causing that little light to shine in my soul.


We only have one life

I have to accept who I am

Learn to be who I was born to be

When we bump into pebbles

We must not let them become rocks

Instead, face it, deal with it, and move on.