Little Light in My Soul

Although it is cloudy outside, there is a light beginning to shine inside my soul. I have endured several anxiety attacks the past few days. Some of these were so horrific I wondered if I would live or die. My veins swelled in my temples, my neck was throbbing, and my eyes became blurred.

I am still dealing with some of the blurred vision today, but I am hoping it is due to the moisture in the air. I am allergic to rain. Can you figure that one out? Even when I shower or do dishes, I will sneeze.

Well, back to what I was saying. When I have attack after attack, and I have finally come to the place that I am calm again, I have no choice but to  butt heads with that rock.

I made several phone calls last night. I asked for prayers to help me through my situation. God answered. In fact, God showed me clarity. I had no problem defining the issues and how to solve them. He showed me what to do and this is what is causing that little light to shine in my soul.


We only have one life

I have to accept who I am

Learn to be who I was born to be

When we bump into pebbles

We must not let them become rocks

Instead, face it, deal with it, and move on.




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