My Tea Parties

green parkIn the shadows where no one can see me I make-up my very own tea parties. I have a secret place where I can go. No one knows about it. I have been going there for several months now.

I have a little table with four chairs. The prettiest, white, lace table cloth you ever did see, lies softly over the table. On top of this I have a purple bouquet of lilacs. I am very fortunate. I know of a tree that is full of these delightful, aroma-filled blossoms. I change them out as soon as my nose can no longer sense their smell.

I have no windows; but this is alright. I don’t want to let anyone see through the window of my soul. I have two candles. One is sitting next to the grass-filled chair I made, and the other hangs over  my table  by a vine I made.

In the three chairs that are guest chairs; I always have special guest visiting with me for tea. Today, I am happy to let you know that Mr. Cuddly bear is here. He is wearing his comfy, fleece pajamas. He brings me great peace.

In the second chair is a dashing Mr. Magnificent man-doll. He is so handsome. He watches me a lot. I think he things I am beautiful. He is always smiling at me and there is a constant twinkle in his eyes. Sometimes I put the needle down on the record, and he and I dance around. My heart flutters, and I feel so alive. I love it when he comes to tea.

The third chair sits no other than my over-stuffed grandma doll. This is what I call her because I have had her since I was a child. When I was young and I was crying, she seemed to always whisper the kindest words into my ear. She would lull me to sleep. Today, I have a few very important things on my mind. After our tea party is over, I am going to ask  her if she can remain behind. We will go over to the chair, where she will sit and I will kneel down in front of her legs and rest my head on her lap, pouring out my thoughts.

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