Tonight, I typed in a strange concoction of a word, and got a real word. Farfetch, not really that odd of a word. It reminds me of different things. I guess I just never had put this combination together.

Of course, you are going to know the definition without my placing it here; but I will set it in place.

Sitting here on my computer typing away, my mind can wander easily. I often get some crazy ideas for writing, or I will think of ways to solve my problems. Or I may be considering what words I can say to bring comfort to others in need.

You all know that I am involved with Multiple System Atrophy. I try very hard to bring comfort, but who am I? Nothing more than someone behind this screen. Most of you have never met me, so I work hard to help comfort breaking hearts or give suggestions on what direction they may want to go next.

With this new word I discovered tonight, I will  use it to bring a little silliness to end this day. Maybe a smile or a chuckle, but no tears tonight. I have to work hard to do this because my mind is always in help mode. So, my friends, here goes nothing.


Gramps was sitting in his recliner

Watching his favorite show

When he got this itch

To get up and go.


He didn’t wanna do it

So he twisted and turned

He moaned a little loud

He turned the volume down a bit.


He was hankering for a snack

His mouth could taste it good

But he had to get her attention

But she was asleep in the sack.


He cried out her name

His voice sounding strong

This had become a big challenge

It had turned into a game


She finally appeared

Rubbing eyes with her hands

“What in the world is the matter”?

She stated and leered.


“Honey, I have a craving

Can you get me a snack

I am watching this program

I don’t want to miss a thing”.


She walked over to the shelf

She turned the TV remote off

She knocked his chair over

Saying, “Get it yourself”.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

January, 28/2016








v. t. 1. To bring from far; to seek out studiously.

To farfetch the name of Tartar from a Hebrew word.

n. 1. Anything brought from far, or brought about with studious care; a deep strategem.

Mutliple System Atophy Prayer



How frustrating it is

When a loved one is pained

When we feel so helpless

When nothing is gained.


We wipe a brow

We clear a tear

we tell them we love them

And will stay very near.


We put hope in our doctors

But we may actually know more

For we are the ones

Who walk and pace the floor.


Prayer chain request are made

We kneel on our knees

” Dear God, please forgive me

I’ll do anything you please”.


“Give favor to this soul

Who completes my world

Please forgive me my sins

My mind is in swirls”.


“Please send a cure

Give the doctors your all

If you save my loved one

I promise to heed to your call”.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd






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