Every night after the work was finished, after table talk and the evening meal were complete; the family and sometimes neighbors gathered around on warm evenings, on the front porch.

This is where each person had the chance to relax, sit back, hum a song, play a guitar, pray, cry, laugh and love until it was time to go inside and get ready for bed. Two of the eldest daughters had been proposed to on the steps.

An announcement of the first grandchild was screamed and gathering of hands and holding each other over such good news were some of Grandpa and Grandma’s best memories.



When we are young

There is no time

For sitting on the porch.


For listening to old folks

Tell about the past

Too boring for me.


When I grew up

I took the time

I sat on that porch.


Holding my baby

And my papa’s hand

Looking at my mama’s smile.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd







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